Monday, September 26, 2011


BT1 Essay

Lucia Hartini has explored dreams and imagination as she sought to discover herself through her works. Why did she create dream-like imagery and do you think she has been effective in using dreams as part of her works?

Lucia Hartini often created dreamlike images in her works to represent her inner mental state and also it is a representational of the environment she is in. Hartini used dreams, imaginations and representations in her painting to comment on both her personal experiences and the society as she is unable to comment on these issues directly. It is due to the fact that it is illegal in the society of Indonesia, and also because of the fact that she is a woman, hence she do not have the right to openly express her inner emotions. In her society, women are not suppose to show how they feel and they must always appear to be graceful and calm. Hence, she can only express the issues and her inner emotions through her dreams, where her dreams are represented on the painting.

Also, by creating a dream-like world in her paintings, it is one of the best way o expess her emotions and feelings. It allows
her to express it in a surreal way, by irrationally combining unrelated objects together. By painting these, she allows the audience to see for themselves what she normally dreams and from there, they can then better relate to the artist

In "Sri Kandi", she created the work by arranging herself staring into numerous little eyes with no logic. Through the arrangement, the audience can then interpret that the eyes many symbolize the criticism of the society and that she is no longer afraid or boarded by them as she stares directly back into the small eyes, showing her courage and confidence.

She has indeed effectively combined their dreams into her works. As she painted each of her painting with great details, the works then seem to be really depicting the images in dreams. Due to her super surrealism style, where all objects are painted very realistically. The audience then seem to be able to relate easily to the paintings and go into Hartini's drams and feel the emotions that the artist is feeling. As when the audiences get to observe, feel and travel inside the artist's dreams, then audience will then be able to see the world from her perspective. In this way Hartini will be able effectively portray her current state of mind and views on the society to her audience.

It is evident in her works, like "Imagination XII" that although the work is very surreal, depicting cooking pans exploding in front of cosmic landscapes, the audience get to see the artist's dream and then understand what she is trying to portray. In this case, she is trying to portray Indonesia women's daily lives, and with all the explosions and intensity, the audience then know that the artist view the jobs of the women to be very hard, intensive and tiring. However, Indonesia women still need to maintain calmness on the outside, suggested by the calming landscapes of the background.

Overall, through adopting a surrealistic stule, she is able to express her inner feelings towards both the society and herself, without going against Indonesia society's protocol of women not being expressing their views and feelings. Also, she allows the viewers to have a tour in her dreams to allow them to understand and feel her emotions and views on the society more thoroughly. Thus, she achieved her goals of having her artworks to relate to the people through the style of super surrealism.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Inspiration - Different stages of life

When I was doing research online for my coursework, I saw some interesting depiction of the different stages of life.

This picture depicts:
  • You start with Milk Bottle
  • Kids enjoy Pop and Juices
  • Young – mid age is dedicated to beer
  • And finally at old age the hospital drink would be the one you can have.

This work used the different bottles to represent the different age groups. I did the same in my sec 3 eoy paper by using the different chairs to represent the age groups. For my coursework this time, I mainly used the photos and other 2D objects, like different types of paper and money, to represent the different experiences people of different age groups are going through.

Other interesting ideas about aging and the different stages of life:

The four stages of life
1) You believe in Santa Claus
2) You don’t believe in Santa Claus
3) You are Santa Claus
4) You look like Santa Claus

Success is:
At age 4 success is . . . . not peeing in your pants
At age 12 success is . . . having friends
At age 16 success is . . . having a drivers license
At age 20 success is . . . having sex
At age 35 success is . . . having money
At age 50 success is . . . having money
At age 60 success is . . . having sex
At age 70 success is . . . having a drivers license
At age 75 success is . . . having friends
At age 80 success is . . . not peeing in your pants

This is interesting as it clearly shows that our life is really like a circle, and when we ages, our life kind of return back to the life we once had when we were little. Hence, elderly need the same care and attention that people are giving to their children. People tend to forget about the elderly as they think the elderly are old enough to take care of themselves. However, elderly are just as dependent as children. And it is really sad when they do not get the attention and care they deserve.
People should realize that when they are taking care of their kids, they should never forget about their old parents.

Sec 3 Oil Painting

This is my sec 3 oil painting project. I was suppose to paint something about Nanyang in the post impressionism style. While, for post impressionism, the first artist that came to my mind was Van Gogh. I realized that in his painting, "Church of Auvres", the church seems to be a little similar to Nanyang's clock tower. So, I decided to change the tower into Nanyang's clock tower and the woman in the painting into a nanyang girl.

It is rather hard to copy Van Gogh's style of painting as when you are painting, you need to be emotional and confident at the same time. At that time, I also did not know exactly how much paint did he really applied on the canvas. That's why it was very hard for me to decide how thick I should apply me paint. The other challenge I faced was to make the nanyang clock tower look like the church. The structure of the 2 buildings are rather different, hence I had a hard time trying to fit the clock tower into my painting.

Applying thick layers of paint on the canvas is an important part too. I enjoyed applying thick layers of paint on my canvas and by doing so, it gave my painting a unique texture that only oil paint can give. I think I am more suitable painting oil paints in this style as I do not need to be too precise and accurate when I paint. I think I prefer working works in a faster pace.

This experience has also allowed me to be more confident in oil painting and has set a good foundation for me to continue oil painting this year.

Inspiration - Sec 3 EOY

I got my coursework inspiration partly from my sec 3 EOY paper. I choose the title "Natural Phenomenon" to paint last year.

The concept of this painting is kind of similar to the one for my coursework. This painting also explores the theme of aging and the cycle of life

However, in this painting, I used the chairs to represent the different stages of life. For example, I used the wheel chair to represent the elderly and the office chair to represent the adults. I was fascinated by the fact that at the different stages of life, we sit on different kinds of chairs. The different kinds of chairs also tell us a lot about that particular age group. For example, the wheel chair tells us that as people slowly ages, their body become weak and eventually they will depend on a wheel chair.

The office chair suggests working for the adults. The third chair, in the middle, is a student's chair, which suggests that studying is a important part of a teenager's life. The chair that shapes like an animal represents the children, where they often sit on these kind of chairs and have fun. The last one at the bottom of the painting is a baby stroller. This symbolizes the fact that babies are often taken good care by the parents.

It is interesting as at both the beginging and the end of life, people seem to be more dependent, where both the baby stroller and the wheel chair requires someone to push them. It shows that both the babies and the elderly should be given more attention as they are the weakest in the society. This shows the cycle of life, where we slowly become stronger and we then start to turn weak again and eventually we need someone to take care of us again.

The big clock at the background symbolizes the time that seems to fly past in our lives.

Overall, the concept in this painting and that of my coursework is rather similar. However, I chose a more direct way to express this theme in my coursework this time. I also added in more objects for each of the age group to better express my theme of aging and the cycle of life.

Friday, September 23, 2011

random works

Painted these some time ago during holidays when I was bored. I didn't really have any water colour paper, so I just painted water colour on normal paper. That's why the papers look a bit weird.

Course work FINAL!!!


After spending around 2+ months on my final coursework, this is it! There are indeed some challenges faced. I guess the biggest challenge is to be to paint the faces of people of the different age groups. The tones of the faces are rather hard to depict as I spent a long time trying to make the faces seem to be more realistic and 3D. The facial expressions are really hard to capture with oil paintings. However, I an glad that I manage to do my best. :)

These paintings are all 50 by 50 cm. Although it is not very big, it took me a lot of time to finish it. I guess the other challenge I faced is time management. I spent too much time trying to paint the faces, and in the end, I have to finish the other parts of the paintings in a rush.